The Iraq Incident

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pro: Plea Bargain

According to Ken Gude in his January 2010 article on the American Progress Website points out some interesting points regarding Plea Bargains. What he points out is that plea bargains have been used to help the US get information on terrorist activity. What is more interesting is that, most terrorists are likely to give  information away to the US in exchange for information regarding other terrorist organizations. One specific example he shows is the drone strike that led to the killing of an Al- Qaeda leader. Plea Bargains have not only been instrumental with regards to domestic issues, but also in foreign affairs as well.
  Ken Gude, January 2010, Criminal Courts Are Tougher on Terrorists than Military                                                Detention

When analyzing things in the American System, specifically the justice system, most people automatically think that it could have no impact foreign issues. But at the point in which the US is gaining more information from terrorists with the use of Plea Bargains compared to the success rate of Military Detention Centers (ex: Guantanamo Bay) it becomes imperative that the US continue the policy of using Plea Bargains to help protect US citizens. While most people would not want terrorists to have shorter sentences, they are overlooking the sentence length, but most importantly that these terrorists would never give information that saves American lives, had it not been for Plea Bargains. We must continue the policy of allowing terrorists to redeem themselves so that the US can expand its intelligence and continue its promise to protect its citizens.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Plea Bargain: Against

In a January 26th issue of the Washington Post, It brings to light some of the issues that plea bargaining has. The Article titled, Iraq will take legal action to ensure justice for civilians killed in US raid, official says, talks mainly about the killing of 24 civilians in a United States Marine Corps raid. While, yes, there is collateral damage in war, this Marine squad was on a killing spree but the leader is no longer going to be even jail time for this atrocity. What this shows about plea bargains is, first that they don't provide justice. Second that people view them as an easy way out, and lastly that people are becoming less afraid of committing theses crimes as seen in the Iraq slaughter. 


                         Associated Press, Published: January            26

My main issue withe plea bargaining, in view of recent events, is that people are not being punished for their actions. 24 people were killed!!! In the US we call that manslaughter, but what is not being emphasized is that the squad leader, Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, is no longer going to be receiving jail time for allowing his troops to kill innocent civilians. Even the government of Iraq was outraged when they heard the news, and now want to prosecute the squad in Iraq. If a US implemented policy regarding legal action of a mass murder results in a plea deal of now jail time justice is being violated. We cant allow that happen as leaders in the world of justice, and this is a major flaw in the US legal system and should be abolished.