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Monday, January 23, 2012

Plea Bargains


In the article, titled Murder Sentences Not Much of A Deterrent, it analyzes the impact of jail sentences compared to plea deals. One of the key things about this article is that we have to keep in mind, hardly any plea deal results in the death sentence. With that in mind, this article points out that lesser sentences are more of a deterrent that harsher sentences. Paul T. Rosynsky also points out that the United States has the most severe punishment rates in the entire world and not surprisingly one of the highest crime rates. But the article continues in providing a solution. It says that, the solution is that long term incarceration is better for the prisoners. Most importantly this article discusses some of the key issues about the American society which is that most motives for murder have become trivial like wearing the wrong color. 


Paul T. Rosynsky, 10/14/2009 Murder sentences not much of a deterrent

I think that with the use of plea bargains in the US right now, a lot of problems are being solved. When looking at the criminal justice system most cases are tried by using plea deals, and this has really helped a majority of the population to what it means to be incarcerated, but to provide them with an outlet. Plea deals offer a criminal a chance. Instead of steaming in a jail cell, plea deals give criminals a second chance at life that they appreciate and use to the fullest. Making someone serve a full sentence only makes them more resentful towards people and in some instances that can increase crime rate. Plea deals offer not only a new hope to those convicted but the family of the convicted. A father, or mother went missing and children are left alone. Plea deals help heal the wounds by not only making the person realize that what they did was wrong, but by restore families.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Real Question

Should plea bargains be used in the Justice System or are they a threat to the Legal System?